Steve Hansen

Former Head Coach of the New Zealand All-Blacks National Rugby Union Team & 4x World Rugby Coach of the Year

  • Former Head Coach of the Wales National Rugby Team
  • Coached the All-Blacks to their 2011 & 2015 Rugby World Cup Victories
  • Appointed Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit for Services to Rugby
  • Named IRB Coach of the Year

Sir Steve Hansen’s reputation as an inspirational leader and keynote speaker on leadership is rooted in his remarkable tenure as the Head Coach of the New Zealand National Rugby Union Team, the All-Blacks. His leadership acumen is best illustrated by guiding the All-Blacks to a Rugby World Cup victory in 2015 and multiple other prestigious championships, showcasing his ability to foster excellence and a winning culture. His coaching career, adorned with numerous accolades, and his transition to a sought-after speaker, encapsulate his profound impact on rugby and leadership.

Steve Hansen’s journey from a player for the Canterbury Rugby Football Union to an iconic coach for the All-Blacks is a testament to his deep understanding of the game and leadership dynamics. His coaching tenure with various teams, including the Canterbury Provincial Rugby Union Team and the Wales National Rugby Team, before his celebrated period with the All-Blacks, provided him with a broad perspective on managing teams with diverse backgrounds and abilities. His role in pivotal victories, such as the 2011 World Cup win as an assistant coach and the 2015 win as head coach, underlines his strategic prowess and ability to inspire peak performance. Steve’s leadership style is characterised by his meticulous approach and commitment to excellence, traits that resonate well beyond the rugby field. His six consecutive wins of The Rugby Championship and multiple recognitions as World Rugby Coach of the Year affirm his consistent ability to lead teams to the zenith of global rugby. Under his guidance, the All-Blacks not only triumphed in tournaments but also earned the Laureus World Team of the Year in 2016, reflecting global admiration for their dominance and team cohesion.

Moreover, Steve’s influence extends into his speaking engagements where he shares insights on building successful teams and cultivating a culture of continuous improvement. His speeches are enriched by anecdotes from his illustrious coaching career, offering valuable lessons on resilience, teamwork and strategic thinking. His appearance on platforms like the High Performance Podcast demonstrates his adeptness in discussing the nuances of creating the greatest sports teams, making him an invaluable resource at leadership forums. Steve Hansen’s transition to a keynote speaker is a natural extension of his coaching legacy. Organisations and leadership events seek his expertise not just for his storied career in rugby but for his universal lessons on leadership, adaptability and sustained excellence. His enduring influence and charisma make him an inspirational figure, whose experiences translate into profound, actionable insights for leaders across all domains.

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