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Popular Psychological Safety Speakers to Hire in 2024: Elevating Team Trust & Wellbeing

In a world where innovation and collaboration are the keys to success, psychological safety plays a pivotal role in harnessing the full potential of individuals and teams. As leaders have the power to transform the workplace culture, do not hesitate to hire one of our Top 10 Psychological Safety Speakers listed in this blog.

What is Psychological Safety, and Why is it Important?

Psychological safety is the collective understanding within a team that it’s safe to openly share ideas, voice concerns, ask questions, and admit mistakes without fear of judgment or punitive repercussions. Originating from Amy Edmondson’s research, it emerged as a group-level trait influencing the team and, consequently, organisational performance, primarily through the team’s learning behaviour. Psychological safety is crucial because it fosters an environment where team members are more engaged and motivated, knowing their input is valued. It enhances decision-making by encouraging diverse opinions and cultivating a culture of continuous learning from shared mistakes. Many years of research underscores its centrality to team efficacy, proving its influence on performance, innovation, and resilience. Conversely, its absence can lead to stress, burnout, and high turnover, negatively impacting individuals and the organisation.

Source: McKinsey & Company

How Can Leadership Create an Environment of Psychological Safety?

Leadership plays a pivotal role in establishing psychological safety within teams. Key strategies include reframing mistakes as learning opportunities, and leaders must be vulnerable in sharing their errors. It’s essential to encourage every voice, ensuring everyone feels valued. This can be achieved by avoiding any bias towards a leader’s perspective and actively seeking diverse opinions. Celebrating contributions fosters a sense of value among team members. Leaders should not just acknowledge achievements but also appreciate team members who address challenging issues. Lastly, coaching emphasises mutual respect and support among peers. This collective approach not only enhances individual experiences but also reinforces a psychologically safe environment.

Source: SHRM Executive Network

Our Top 10 Psychological Safety Speakers:

  1. Dan Cable
  2. Silvia Garcia
  3. Raina Brands
  4. Adam Grant
  5. Michelle King
  6. Tasha Eurich
  7. Jez Rose
  8. Michelle Visage
  9. Inga Beale
  10. Robert Sutton

Dan Cable

Dan Cable, a prominent figure in organisational behaviour, leverages his profound expertise as a psychological safety speaker, guiding businesses toward fostering environments that prioritise mental wellbeing and open communication. With a foundational background in psychology from Penn State University and a distinguished career at the London Business School, Dan’s insights are deeply rooted in psychological principles. He adeptly correlates psychological safety with aspects like sustainable change and growth mindset, emphasising its role in cultivating innovative, inclusive, and highly functional workplace cultures. Through his scholarly articles and compelling keynote speeches, Dan Cable underscores the necessity of psychological safety in organisational success, inspiring global giants like Coca-Cola and PwC to reimagine their cultural frameworks. His commitment to enhancing workplace dynamics through psychological safety not only enriches organisational health but also propels business performance, marking him as an invaluable thought leader in modern corporate behaviour.

Official Testimonial:

“Dan approached the crucial topic of change management in a unique way – starting from insights in best-in-class change examples and translating them into the business reality of his audience.” – SVP, Human Resources, Executive Committee, Carlsberg Group

Silvia Garcia

Silvia Garcia stands out as a beacon of psychological safety in the corporate realm, illuminating the path through her extensive experience and profound understanding of human behaviour within organisational cultures. Her tenure as the Global Director of Happiness, Marketing, and Communications at Coca-Cola epitomises her commitment to fostering environments where employees thrive through trust, openness, and positive affirmation. With over two decades of experience, Silvia’s approach transcends conventional leadership paradigms, underscoring the critical nexus between psychological safety and organisational success. Her transformative insights equip leaders with strategies to nurture psychologically secure environments, catalysing both individual and collective potential. Renowned for her expertise, Silvia Garcia is the quintessential speaker for instilling a culture of confidence, respect, and positive interaction within the professional landscape.

Official Speaking Topics:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Wellbeing
  • Marketing

Raina Brands

Raina Brands, a renowned expert in organisational behaviour and gender equality, brings a wealth of experience as a psychological safety keynote speaker. Holding an esteemed position as the Associate Professor at the UCL School of Management, her deep dive into unconscious bias, women in leadership, and behavioural impacts offers invaluable insights. Raina’s distinguished academic background, including a PhD in Management from the University of Cambridge, coupled with her tenure at the London Business School, equips her to address the nuances of psychological safety, particularly as it pertains to women in the workplace. As co-founder of Career Equally, Raina’s commitment to eradicating workplace biases is evident. As a keynote speaker, she illuminates pathways to foster psychological safety, ensuring women thrive in every professional sphere.

Adam Grant

Adam Grant, a luminary in organisational psychology, has carved a significant niche as a psychological safety keynote speaker. His journey, from earning a BA in Psychology from Harvard to his influential role at the Wharton School, underscores a deep commitment to understanding human dynamics in professional settings. Adam’s experience, particularly as the Associate Professor of Management and later, Professor of Psychology, has enriched his insights into psychological safety in the workplace. Renowned for his TED original podcast, WorkLife, he dissects interpersonal nuances and advocates for environments where open communication and mutual respect thrive. His tenure as an Associate Editor for the Academy of Management Journal further amplifies his authority, ensuring his perspectives on psychological safety are well-founded in scholarly research.

Official Speaking Topics:

  • Succeed by Helping Others
  • Harness the Creative Power of Misfits
  • Be the Best, Not Necessarily the First

Michelle King

Michelle King stands out as a psychological safety keynote speaker, leveraging her profound expertise in organisational culture to foster environments where individuals feel included, respected, and safe to express themselves. Her extensive background, punctuated by influential roles at global entities like Netflix and UN Women, underscores her commitment to nurturing psychologically safe workplaces. Through The Culture Practice, Michelle equips leaders and employees with the tools to cultivate a culture of openness and mutual respect, essential for psychological safety. Her insights, drawn from vast academic accomplishments and real-world experiences, make her an indispensable voice for organisations aspiring to thrive through diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Official Testimonial:

“Insightful and thoroughly engaging, Michelle King provides practical solutions for bringing about tangible and lasting change, as well as an impassioned argument for equity that moves beyond the current discourse on women in the workplace.” – Dr Nina, UN Women Global Campions for Innovation

Tasha Eurich

Tasha Eurich bridges the gap between academic rigour and real-world application in her role as a psychological safety keynote speaker. Her expertise, rooted in years of organisational psychology practice, positions her uniquely to address the critical aspect of psychological safety in the workplace. Tasha’s science-based approach, honed from her PhD and extensive field experience, emphasises the creation of environments where employees feel included, safe to learn, and brave enough to innovate. Having transformed high-stakes corporate landscapes through her insights, she understands the profound impact of psychological safety on productivity and engagement. Her compelling narratives, drawn from real-world success stories with giants like T-Mobile and Walmart, make her sessions invaluable. Whether it’s fostering open dialogue or encouraging risk-taking, Tasha’s guidance is a beacon for cultivating trust and unlocking collective potential.

Official Testimonial:

“Tasha’s presentation captured everyone’s attention from the outset- it was engaging, relevant, and actionable.”

Jez Rose

Jez Rose stands out as a psychologically safety keynote speaker by intertwining his profound insights into human behaviour with his passion for nature’s impact on wellbeing and conduct. His journey, from establishing the world’s first carbon-neutral honey farm to founding The Good Life Project, highlights his commitment to demonstrating nature’s significant role in psychological safety and health. Jez’s international speaking engagements, bolstered by his acclaim as an award-winning author and behaviouralist, emphasise the necessity of psychological safety in fostering productive, healthy, and resilient work environments. His unique approach offers practical, nature-based solutions, encouraging corporate industries to embrace environmental psychology for enhanced employee wellbeing and effective behavioural changes.

Official Testimonial:

“I wanted to say thank you for your session yesterday. There was a fantastic buzz among everyone after you had left, with many people talking about your reinforcer behaviours and techniques. This was a great session to end the conference on.” – Lloyds TSB

Michelle Visage

Michelle Visage, with her dynamic presence, isn’t just an entertainment force but also a beacon of psychological safety in corporate environments. Her journey, from her early days at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy to her influential role on ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race,’ illustrates her commitment to creating spaces where people fearlessly express themselves. Michelle’s advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community underscores her understanding of psychological safety—fostering an atmosphere of acceptance and inclusivity. Her keynote speeches resonate with this ethos, as she draws on her vast industry experience to encourage environments free from judgment and replete with open, authentic interaction. Engaging with her audience, Michelle Visage doesn’t just perform; she transforms corporate cultures, championing a world where everyone belongs.

Official Testimonial:

“Can you please pass on MASSIVE thanks to her. If you could let her know the reception has been INCREDIBLE. One comment was ‘I”m going to log off this call and conquer the world!’….She inspired so many.” – Grace, Amex

Inga Beale

Dame Inga Beale is not just a trailblazer in the business world but also an embodiment of psychological safety in professional environments. As the first female CEO of Lloyd’s of London, her journey in male-dominated fields is a testament to resilience and the importance of fostering inclusive workplaces. She went beyond leadership roles to actively advocate for corporate diversity and launched Pride@Lloyds, emphasising the psychological wellbeing of employees by ensuring they feel recognised and valued. Inga’s belief in creating an environment where individuals can express themselves authentically, without fear of repercussion, ties directly to the core principles of psychological safety. As a keynote speaker, her experience provides invaluable insights into the symbiotic relationship between inclusive leadership and a psychologically safe workplace.

Official Testimonial:

“She was sensational. So clear. A great storyteller. Candid and inspirational – exactly the two things we wanted to land. They loved her. As did me and my boss…! Please share a big thank you to her and for all the help you have provided in the process.” – Jemima, Pepsico

Robert Sutton

Robert Sutton, a renowned organisational psychologist, brings unparalleled experience to the realm of psychological safety as a keynote speaker. With four decades at Stanford University, his contributions have shaped his understanding of leadership, innovation, and organisational change. Co-founding esteemed institutions like the Stanford, Centre for Work, Technology and Organisation, and the Stanford Technology Ventures Program, Sutton bridges theory and application, fostering environments where creativity thrives. Internationally sought-after for his profound insights, Robert elucidates the significance of psychological safety in workplace dynamics, offering strategies for fostering environments conducive to innovation. His decorated career, including prestigious awards and impactful publications, positions him as a leading voice in redefining corporate understanding and promoting psychological safety.

Official Testimonial:

“Bob was great, he was so easy to work with and made a real effort to customize his content to our business’ needs. He was accessible, flexible, and spot-on in his delivery.” – Microsoft

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