Shola Richards

Founder & CEO of Go Together Global & Author of "Making Work Work"

  • Founder of The Positivity Solution
  • Has trained more than 11,000 individuals
  • Recipient of the Chancellor’s Excellence in Service Award in 2013
  • Author of best-selling books “Making Work Work” and the “Go Together Movement”

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Go Together
Go Together
Making Work Work
Making Work Work

Shola Richards, the Founder and CEO of Go Together Global,  is a beacon of hope and a revolutionary force in the realm of diversity & inclusion, organisational behaviour, and workplace culture. As a keynote speaker, his experiences and insights delve deep into the heart of what makes a positive workplace environment, drawing from his extensive background as a best-selling author. Leading Go Together Global, Shola is dedicated to fostering environments of compassion, competence, and accountability, aiming to transform workplaces into spaces where collaboration and respect are paramount.

Shola’s academic and professional journey further solidifies his expertise in the field. With a BSc in Psychology from Union College and an impressive tenure at UCLA Health, where he rose from lead training specialist to director of training and organisational development, Shola’s influence is undeniable. Over 11 years, he trained more than 11,000 individuals, achieving a remarkable 99.4% participation satisfaction rate, and was recognised with the Chancellor’s Excellence in Service Award in 2013. This background not only highlights his dedication to improving organisational health but also showcases his ability to inspire and educate on a large scale.

The drive behind Shola’s commitment to enhancing workplace culture is deeply personal. Having endured workplace bullying early in his career, an experience that brought him to the brink of suicide, he has since channelled his experiences into a fervent mission to eradicate such toxic behaviours. Through his writing, speaking, coaching, and consulting practice, Shola has become a vanguard in the fight against workplace bullying, offering insights and solutions that stem from a place of profound understanding and empathy. In 2020, he delivered the TEDx talk “Ubuntu: The One Word to Change How You Work, Live and Lead”.

Moreover, as the chief positivity activist and Founder of The Positivity Solution website, Shola utilises his platform to address and counteract toxic workplace behaviours, such as bullying and harassment, reaching audiences in over 160 countries. His work, including his best-selling books “Making Work Work” and the “Go Together Movement,” along with features on platforms like the Today Show, CBS This Morning, Forbes, and Business Insider Australia, underlines his impactful approach to creating healthier, more inclusive workplaces. Shola Richards’ journey from a victim of workplace bullying to a leading voice in workplace positivity is not just inspiring—it’s a call to action for organisations worldwide to prioritise the well-being and inclusivity of their employees.

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