Ruby Wax

Author of "I'm Not As Well As I Thought I Was" & Mental Health Advocate

  • Highly sought-after speaker for organisations such as Google, Apple, and even the UK Parliament
  • Author of several bestselling books, including “Sane New World,” “And Now For the Good News”, and “How to Be Human”
  • Appointed OBE for her services to mental health
  • Recipient of City Lit Lifetime Fellowship Award


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I'm Not As Well As I Thought I Was
I’m Not As Well As I Thought I Was
Sane New World
And Now For the Good News
And Now For the Good News

When Ruby Wax is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

Improving Communication Skills
Mental Health & Wellbeing
Psychological Functioning
The Medicine of Laughter
Ending Mental Health Stigma
Neurology & Psychology

Ruby Wax, an American actress turned mental health campaigner, is celebrated as one of the most distinguished speakers on mental health, mindset, and inspirational leadership. Her journey in the entertainment industry began with the Royal Shakespeare Company, later evolving into a successful career with the BBC, where she hosted shows for 25 years and interviewed notable personalities such as Donald Trump, O.J. Simpson, and Madonna. Utilising her performance talents, Ruby has become a pivotal figure in destigmatising mental health issues, blending humour with profound insights to deliver engaging and informative talks.

In 2013, Ruby earned a Master’s degree in Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy from the University of Oxford, an achievement that significantly enriched her understanding of mental health. This academic pursuit allowed her to combine a rigorous education in neuroscience with her theatrical flair, positioning her as a unique voice in mental health advocacy. Her talks cover topics like stress management, the workings of the brain, and practical approaches to mental wellness, making complex concepts accessible and entertaining. Ruby’s ability to turn scientific information into relatable and engaging content has made her a sought-after speaker for organisations such as Google, Apple, and even the UK Parliament.

Ruby’s influence extends beyond her speaking engagements. She has authored several bestselling books, including “Sane New World,” “And Now For the Good News”, and “How to Be Human,” all of which have made the Sunday Times bestseller list. Her literary work further cements her role as an educator and advocate for mental health. In recognition of her contributions, Ruby has received numerous accolades, including an OBE for her services to mental health in 2015 and the City Lit Lifetime Fellowship Award in 2018. She also holds honorary positions with several prestigious institutions, including the British Neuroscience Association and various universities.

Throughout her career, Ruby Wax has continuously reinvented herself, always driven by a desire to better understand and communicate the intricacies of the human mind. Her unique blend of comedic talent and academic prowess makes her a powerful advocate for mental health. Ruby’s personal and professional experiences, coupled with her relentless pursuit of knowledge, have enabled her to empower audiences globally, inspiring them to take charge of their mental wellbeing and break the stigma surrounding mental illness. Ruby Wax remains a leading figure in the field, revered for her expertise and her ability to inspire meaningful change.

Official Testimonials

Ruby Wax is regularly booked to engage audiences at events, read their latest feedback below:

“We were delighted to have Ruby Wax speak at our event. Our guests were inspired by Ruby’s humanity, vulnerability and willingness to share openly and be herself! Her presentation was very entertaining but also topical and meaningful. Ruby also shared some of the mechanisms she’s used in her own personal battle with mental illness in a humane and thought-provoking manner to dispel some of the taboos surrounding mental health issues.”


“The event was a massive success, we had 700+ people in attendance (across the globe on Zoom and in person in Bournemouth)! It was an extremely valuable session and we’ve had great feedback also. Many thanks for your help along the way with this, really appreciate it and we look forward to working with you again soon in the future.”

JP Morgan

“Ruby Wax spoke with passion, amazing depth of knowledge and, of course, great humour about the pressures and pitfalls of the human mind.  She was incredibly well-received by all who attended.  I would definitely recommend Ruby for any event where mindfulness and mental health are a priority.”


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