Kim Blue

CEO of K Blue Consulting & Former Member of the Forbes Human Resources Council

  • Employee Wellness Representative at ESPN
  • Chief People Officer for OpenExchange
  • Senior HR Manager for Microsoft
  • Global Head of People Experience Partners for Zoom
  • Top 10 Diverse Leaders at the 2021 Tech Inclusion Conference

When Kim Blue is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

The Power of Mindful Leadership
Corporate Culture
The Changing Nature of Work & the Workplace

Kim Blue stands out as a preeminent figure in the realms of human resources, diversity and inclusion, racial equality, and as an inspirational keynote speaker. With her illustrious career as the CEO of K Blue Consulting, her expertise is not just theoretical but steeped in practical experience gained at the helm of her leading human resources and organisational development consultancy. Her tenure at global giants such as Microsoft and ESPN has seen her develop and implement HR policies that have not only influenced these credible organisations but have also set standards for the industry. With over 15 years of dedication to crafting human resources strategy, Kim now graces various corporate and public platforms, offering insights into change management, organisational development, diversity and inclusion, and the evolving landscape of work.

Kim’s professional journey began after completing her education in Organisation Development at the Queen’s University of Charlotte, marking her entry into the corporate world as an Employee Wellness Representative at ESPN. Here, she was not just an advocate for wellness and fitness but also a pivotal HR figure for over 7000 employees. Her ascent within the company saw her evolve into a Senior HR Business Partner, laying a solid foundation for her subsequent role as the Senior HR Manager for Microsoft’s US East Region. This trajectory highlights not just Kim’s professional growth but her deepening expertise and influence within the field of human resources.

Her contributions extend beyond her corporate roles; as the Global Head of People Experience Partners for Zoom, an Executive Board Member of The Black in HR, and a member of the Forbes Human Resources Council, Kim has been at the forefront of shaping the future of HR. Her role as Chief People Officer for OpenExchange and her recognition as one of the Top 10 Diverse Leaders at the 2021 Tech Inclusion Conference underscore her commitment to excellence and diversity in the workplace. Furthermore, her membership with Chief – a network dedicated to empowering senior executive women – exemplifies her commitment to fostering leadership and inclusion.

Kim Blue leverages her extensive experience to deliver keynote speeches that are both engaging and enriching. Covering a spectrum of topics from workforce planning to employment law, her presentations are infused with passion, helpful insights, and a dedication that has been described by many as unparalleled. Her ability to impart actionable knowledge ensures that her audience can not only grasp but also implement strategies that enhance HR policies across various organisations. As a sought-after speaker, Kim Blue embodies the very essence of inspirational leadership, making her an invaluable asset to any event focused on human resources, diversity, and organisational development.

Official Testimonials

Kim Blue is regularly booked to engage audiences at events, read their latest feedback below:

“Kim is an absolute joy to work with and makes everyone around her better. Kim is passionate, creative, thoughtful and a natural leader, at times vocally, but always in her actions.”

Michael, Global Marketing DEI Lead, Google

“Expert, poised, focused and very open to our direction regarding the make of the audience to be addressed. Ms. Blue delivered a compelling, informative keynote.”

Navex Global

“Kim is passionate, helpful and dedicated to her craft. Her expertise is unmatched. She doesn’t just give you the answer. She asks thought-provoking questions that allow you to think critically and arrive at your own conclusions. I’m grateful for her time and expertise.”

Ji'Shena, Senior Human Resources Rep, First Citizens Bank

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