Ben Saunders

Polar Expeditionist & World Record Holder for the Longest Ever Polar Journey on Foot

  • One of three people in history to ski solo to both the North and South Poles
  • Global Brand Ambassador for Jaguar Land Rover
  • Non-Executive Director of Coldhouse
  • Goose Person Global Ambassador of Canada Goose
  • Scout for Sequoia Capital
  • Partner of Kintanna Ventures

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When Ben Saunders is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

Staying Focused in Unpredictable, Fast-Changing & Hostile Situations
The Vital Importance of Frank & Open Communication
Having the Bravery to Know When to Ask for Help
Motivating Yourself & the People Around You When the Chips Are Down

Ben Saunders has stamped his name firmly in the record books, having set the World Record for completing the longest-ever polar journey on foot. Also the third person in history to ski solo to both the North and South Poles, Ben has completed an impressive 7000+ km across the polar regions since the beginning of his passion for polar expeditions back in 2001. Fascinated by human endeavour to conquer the polar regions, Ben is also an avid storyteller, highly sought after as a keynote speaker for corporate events across the globe. Having led his teams across some of the world’s most hostile environments, don’t hesitate to hire Ben Saunders when looking for a speaker on inspirational leadership.

Back in 2001, Ben’s passion for polar exploration was born, and since then he has shared his time completing expeditions across Antarctica, the High Arctic and Greenland. From the northmost tip of Siberia to Russia and the Arctic Ocean, there are few environments that Ben has not conquered. Having completed an impressive 12 major expeditions, Ben has had the pleasure of partnering with brands such as Bremont, Land Rover and Intel for his expeditions – having also worked as a Global Brand Ambassador for Jaguar Land Rover and a Goose Person Global Ambassador for Canada Goose. One of the very few humans to have spent large periods of time at the highest latitudes, Ben has a plethora of inspiring stories from his expeditions that demonstrate his incredible prowess as an inspirational leader.

Aside from his passions as a polar explorer, Ben has also forged his success as an avid early-stage climate technology investor. As an angel investor, Ben has committed his time to working as a Scout for Sequoia and is working tirelessly to develop his own climate technology venture capital fund – working as a Partner of Kintanna Ventures. Having also been a Fellow of ZINC and Non-Executive Director of Coldhouse, Ben has also turned his hand to writing, having authored the Ladybird Expert Book Shackleton and contributed to What Doesn’t Kill You: Fifteen Stories of Survival. Aside from his commitments to his venture capital fund and expeditions, Ben has also spent time working as an Ambassador of The Prince’s Trust and as a Patron, Fellow and Development Board Member of British Exploring.

Described as a ‘Master Storyteller’ by TED, Ben Saunders is now highly sought after as a keynote speaker, hired as an inspirational leader for corporate events. Having also been a Patron of the Thrive Foundation, Ben is dedicated to enabling pioneers, and ultimately solving the World’s greatest challenges of climate change and biodiversity loss – also evident in his work as a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. Highly acclaimed by TED, Ben has previously delivered three TED Talks, titled Three Things To Know Before You Ski to the North Pole, To the South Pole and Back – The Hardest 105 Days of My Life and Why Bother Leaving the House? Having thrived in the toughest of conditions, Ben inspires his audiences to become leaders in their own fields, through his inspirational stories of drive, determination and perseverance. With a client list that includes the likes of Microsoft, Kings College, Deloitte and IBM, don’t miss your opportunity to hire Ben Saunders today.

Official Testimonials

Ben Saunders is regularly booked to engage audiences at events, read their latest feedback below:

“I have rarely seen this audience so captivated by a keynote speaker. Your talk was the highlight of our event and you also met my personal objective of, if only fleetingly, reminding people of what ‘difficult’ really means”


“Humble and self-effacing, Saunders is an explorer of limits, whether it’s how far a human can be pushed physically and psychologically, or how technology works hundreds of miles from civilization. His message is one of inspiration, empowerment and boundless potential.”


“One of the best presentations I’ve experienced. Ben’s talk was absolutely brilliant. I was riveted to my seat just listening to him.”


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