Alan Mulally

Former CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, President & CEO of the Ford Motor Company

  • Member of the Board of Directors of Google
  • Inducted into the International Air & Space Hall of Fame
  • Senior Fellow of Seattle University’s Albers School of Business
  • Recognised in the Time 100 list
  • Named Person of the Year by the Financial Times

When Alan Mulally is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

Business Growth & Trends
Change Management
Corporate Culture
Overcoming Obstacles & Challenges

Alan Mulally is a beacon of inspiration in the world of business leadership. His transformative impact on two major global industries, aerospace and automotive, is a testament to his strategic prowess and innate ability to foster collaboration. As the former President & CEO at the helm of Ford Motor Company during one of its most turbulent times, Alan’s leadership turned the tide for the automotive giant. In 2006, the company grappled with a staggering loss of 12.7 billion dollars, coupled with a plummeting stock value. Alan’s visionary approach, which included a compelling vision backed by a comprehensive strategy and unwavering implementation plan, proved instrumental. Under his stewardship, Ford revamped its product line, enhancing the quality of cars and trucks while simultaneously increasing productivity. This revitalisation saw Ford emerge as a leader in the global automotive arena and cement its position as the top automobile brand in the U.S.

Before his iconic tenure at Ford, Alan showcased his leadership mettle as the CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Serving in pivotal roles he steered the company to the zenith of the aerospace industry. The transformation of Boeing into the world’s leading commercial aeroplane company under his guidance further amplifies his business acumen. Alan’s emphasis on “working together” as a linchpin of successful teamwork is a central theme of his keynote addresses. He delves deep into the nuances of strategic and operational leadership, shedding light on the principles, practices and systems underpinning successful collaboration. By sharing insights from his illustrious career, Alan inspires audiences to refine and apply collaborative strategies tailored to their unique organisational contexts.

The accolades adorning Alan’s career are numerous. From being named among the “World’s Best CEOs” by Barrons magazine to receiving the “Automotive Executive of the Year” award, his achievements are widely recognised and celebrated. His induction into The Automotive Hall of Fame and the International Air & Space Hall of Fame adds further gravitas to his legacy. Alan’s contributions aren’t limited to the corporate sphere. He has served on President Obama’s United States Export Council, and played pivotal roles as a Board Member of Google and the Seattle University Albers School of Business, showcasing his diverse expertise and commitment to global business leadership.

Alan Mulally boasts an unparalleled legacy of transforming global giants like Ford Motor Company and Boeing, demonstrating adept strategic and operational leadership in challenging scenarios. Engaging Alan as a keynote speaker offers audiences a unique opportunity to learn from a leader who has not only navigated complex corporate challenges but also reshaped industries.

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