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The Top Trending Teambuilding Speakers to Hire in the UK

Just as all parts of a machine need to work in tandem with each other to produce the best output, in an organisation all members of a team must establish a favourable rapport with each other in order to yield the best results. According to the Harvard Business Review, socializing amongst teams promotes healthy communication by around 50%. Fostering a positive team spirit and culture should be a priority for every leader in an organisation, as a harmonious team invariably ensures success for the company itself.

What is team building?

Team building is an effort made by an organisation’s management to promote goodwill amongst employees of a department or workgroup, and improve communication patterns, thus increasing the efficiency and performance of a team. It is usually done through a myriad of activities that members of a team have to perform together.

Source: The Investors Book

What are the benefits of team-building activities?

Some benefits of team-building activities are as follows:

  • It builds trust amongst employees.
  • Promotes better communication within a team.
  • Improves interpersonal skills among employees.
  • Fosters diversity and inclusion.
  • Facilitates the free flow of honest, transparent communication.
  • Increases productivity and motivation for employees.

Source: Indeed & Team Building

Hire a Top Trending Teambuilding Speaker

If you wish to learn more about the importance of teambuilding in an organisation, hire one of our top trending teambuilding speakers from the UK:

Ant Middleton

Ant Middleton is best known for his work as Chief Instructor on Channel 4’s SAS: Who Dares Win, a programme on which he proved what the wonders of having a positive mindset can do. A former UK Special Forces Soldier, Ant served in the Holy Trinity of the Special Forces – the 9 Parachute Squadron, Royal Marines, and the Special Boat Services.

Leading his squad mates by example, Ant has always been the first man through the door or in harm’s way, teaching them the value of taking charge when necessary. He writes about this in his book “First Man In”. Ant Middleton understands how valuable it is to have a supportive team on whom he can rely, and therefore is an excellent choice to speak on the importance of teambuilding in an organisation.

Lord Sebastian Coe

Sebastian Coe is determined to teach people about the value of teamwork and leadership – in sports and otherwise. Famed as a world-record breaking middle-distance runner, he is the proud winner of four Olympic medals for Great Britain. He was the Vice President of the International Association of Athletics Federation and the Chairman of the British Olympic Association.

Recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Awards, Sebastian’s efforts to champion London as host for the Olympic Games on three separate occasions were recognised in the form of a Knighthood in 2005. For his contribution to British sports, he was appointed to the Order of the Companions of Honour in 2013. As a sportsperson, Sebastian Coe understands the importance of teamwork and its correlation with success. He is one of the best people to explain the need for team building in an organisation to your audience.

Official Testimonial for Sebastian Coe:

“A legend to open our company conference…tailored his speech to our conference theme and delivered the wow factor” – Noble Foods

Nicky Moffat

Nicky Moffat is a Leadership and Development Consultant with a 27-year-long career in the Armed Forces. Famed for becoming the “highest-ranked woman in the British Armed Forces”, rising to the rank of Brigadier, it is Nicky’s experience in the armed forces, leading 4500 soldiers, that informs her expertise in team building and effective leadership.

Appointed CBE in recognition of her work, Nicky now helps companies across the media communications, retail, law, transport, property, construction, and financial sectors develop their leaders and employees to their highest potential through strategy and its effective implementation. A natural leader, with a penchant for teaching others how they can work together to pave their way to success, Nicky Moffat is an excellent choice to speak on the need for team building at your next event.

Official Testimonial for Nicky Moffat:

“We booked Nicky to talk at our ‘women in road’ network event. Nicky gave a fantastic talk and really connected with her audience who found her both interesting and thought provoking. She was a great success and feedback after the event was all positive – they loved her!” – Emma, The AA

Silvia Garcia

Silvia Garcia is best known for her role as the Director of Global Marketing Communications, Innovation, Leadership, and Happiness for The Coca-Cola Company. One of the leading experts in applying principles of behavioural science and positive leadership to marketing, communication and the overall company culture, Silvia is currently the Founder and CEO of Feel Logic and Happiest Places to Work.

Silvia is particularly skilled at designing the future of work and has umpteen experiences in applying the latest discoveries in neuroscience to marketing, communication, innovation, customer service, change management and well-being. She is now available to speak at a wide range of events on how a happy, cohesive team can benefit businesses overall.

Official Speaking Topics for Silvia Garcia:

  • Wellbeing
  • Happiness
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Retail
  • Branding

Scotty Mills

Scotty Mills spent 32 years of his career leading Britain’s Commandos all over the world as a Royal Marines Officer. Inspiring his squad to work with resilience and respect for one another, Scotty’s leadership style developed manifold throughout his career. It was through his experience as a Commando ‘Green Beret’ Officer that he was able to inspire the English Football Team and Gareth Southgate during the World Cup Semi-Final.

Currently a Board Member of the Culture Panel at UK Sport and an Ambassador at Only a Pavement Away, he has been a Senior Advisor at Be Military Fit as well as the Head of Physical Training, Performance, and Sport for the Royal Marines. Author of “Never Give In: The 12 Commando Rules for Life”, he has led Olympians to gold medals and the English Rugby Team to success in the 2003 World Cup, through just his ability to inspire team cohesion. A keynote speaker par excellence, Scotty Mills is guaranteed to leave your audience motivated to foster a positive team culture and achieve their highest potential.

Official Testimonial for Scotty Mills:

“Now and again you go to a conference and a speaker comes on and takes command of the audience with their first sentence. Major Scotty Mills is such a person.” – Mike, British Institute of Innkeeping

June Sarpong

June Sarpong is famed as the first-ever Global Director of Creative Diversity for BBC, as well as being the first Black woman to sit on BBC’s Executive Committee. Co-creator of Women: Inspiration & Enterprise Network, she has been an on-air broadcaster for 25 years, with the experience of interviewing some of the biggest personalities, including former British PM Tony Blair.

An expert on incorporating diversity and inclusion best practices in the workplace, June is also particularly skilled at promoting a healthy team dynamic, where members of a team feel comfortable voicing their opinions freely. Appointed MBE in 2007 and OBE in 2020, June Sarpong is now available to speak at events, offering advice on steps you can take to get the best from your team.

Official Testimonial for June Sarpong:

“The feedback was ‘through the roof!’ – secure to say, members loved June and the valuable insight/delivery! So, yes – all went very, very well and exceeded expectations!! A huge thank you to you, Chris and June and her team for working with me to get the positive message on D&I delivered this IWD!” – Sandra,  UK Visas & Immigration

Michelle King

Michelle King is the Managing Director of The Culture Practice, a leading DEI consulting firm. Formerly the Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Netflix, Michelle is seasoned at managing diverse teams and ensuring that the maximum high-quality output is extracted from them. Author of “The Fix” and “How Work Works”, Michelle shares her unparalleled wisdom on workplace culture with people all over the world.

Her TEDx Talk “It’s Not You, It’s Your Workplace” has garnered interest from thousands of people. Having been the Head of Integrated Strategy for Gender Innovation & GICC for UN Women and Corporate Affairs Manager of Communications and Culture at BHP Billiton, Michelle is currently a Senior Advisor for Girl Up at the United Nations Foundation. Recognised as one of the Top 100 Women at Davos by Global Women’s Leadership Experts, Michelle King is an esteemed speaker on workplace cultures and effective leadership. She would make an excellent choice to speak on team building at your next event.

Official Testimonial for Michelle King:

“A visionary leader changing the inclusion landscape” – Billie Jean King

Inga Beale

Inga Beale is one the most experienced businesswomen of her time, having worked in several prestigious roles over the forty years of her career. Her appointment as the CEO of Lloyd’s of London was momentous in many ways, especially since she was the first female CEO in the 300+ year-long legacy of the organisation. Supporting gender equality and the LGBT movement, coming out as bisexual, Inga spearheaded the Pride@Lloyds network in the organisation.

Having been the Chair of the Board of Directors of The MDU and Zurich Insurance Company, Board Director for the Chartered Insurance Institute, and holding positions of high responsibility in several other organisations, Inga is adept at leading large teams. She leads by example, exhibiting determination and strength through all her actions. Appointed DBE in 2017 for her services to the economy, Inga is a force to be reckoned with. President of the British Swiss Chamber of Commerce since 2022, Inga Beale’s illustrious career has made her a highly sought-after speaker on leadership and fostering positive team culture.

Official Testimonial for Inga Beale:

“I just wanted to reach out and say a huge thank you to everyone at Champions and Dame Inga. What a truly inspiring session and the perfect way to launch the Kärcher Women’s Network. My inbox is already flooded with comments from people on how much Inga has taught them. I know that session will stick with me forever.” – Aimee, Kärcher

Jo Salter

Jo Salter has amassed over 30 years of leadership experience in the public, private and non-profit sectors. She was the first female fast jet pilot in the Royal Air Force and had to display high levels of determination, grit, and bravery throughout her career – including when she was the leader of an all-male squadron.

Presently the Director of Global Transformative Leadership at PwC, she has worked in several roles at the organisation, responsible for managing large teams. This has enabled her to strengthen her skills as a leader who facilitates team building, thus ensuring maximum output from her employees. Appointed as an MBE in 2022, Jo is also the author of “Energy” and “Energise”. Bound to inspire tenacity in your audience, Jo Salter is available to hire for your next leadership event where she will stress the importance of team building.

Official Testimonial for Jo Salter:

“Great energy, uplifting and motivational style. Came across as passionate and authentic with good presentation skills. Managed the whole session without any slides” – Tejas,  British American Tobacco

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