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The Official Best 15 Inclusive Leadership Speakers to Hire in 2024

With the importance of inclusivity ever increasing in the corporate world, and society as a whole, it is becoming ever more crucial to practice inclusive leadership with people from all over the world now able to communicate. Be it our words or our actions, we all have the power to make people feel excluded, but need to ensure the opposite. Powerful and inclusive leaders are adept in educating people on the importance of inclusive leadership, and here at The Inspirational Leadership Speakers Agency we are fortunate to work with the very best inclusive leadership speakers on the circuit. Browse our selection of the official best 15 inclusive leadership speakers to hire, and book a speaker today!

What is Inclusive Leadership?

Inclusive leadership is a style of leadership that ensures your team feels valued, have a sense of belonging, feel as though they are treated equally, and are respected .

Why is Inclusive Leadership Important?

When practising inclusive leadership, everyone in your team feels valued by the company. When people feel included, they are more likely to go the extra mile for their team, voice their opinion and collaborate with one another, boosting productivity and organisational performance.

What’s the Key to Inclusive Leadership?

Studies have shown inclusive leaders have six traits: Visible commitment, humility, awareness of bias, curiosity about others, cultural intelligence and effective collaboration.

Sources: Harvard Business Review and Deloitte

Nicky Moffat

Nicky Moffat is all too aware of the negative impact that comes with leadership that is not inclusive from her 27 plus years in the Armed Forces – a heavily male-dominated sector. Throughout her many years serving, Nicky was as a Field Army Officer, had various roles in the Army Headquarters in finance and strategy , and supported none other than the Secretary of State for Defence. Her highly tuned leadership skills served her well throughout her incredible career which saw Nicky lead some 4,500 soldiers in what was her biggest leadership role whilst serving. Nicky has now spoken all over the globe advising companies on how to ensure they are the definition of inclusive leadership.

Awarded a CBE in 2012 in recognition of her service and named as one of the BBC’s 100 women, Nicky Moffat’s expertise in inclusive leadership is second to none. As a revered speaker who delivers bespoke speeches and workshops on how to become the leader you want to be, don’t hesitate in booking Nicky Moffat for an engaging speech on how to be an inclusive leader.

Inga Beale

Throughout her career working at insurance firms, Inga Beale has faced great adversity due to gender inequality issues in a heavily male-dominated industry. As a result, her career is littered with many ‘firsts’ – such as being the first female CEO of Lloyds of London in the 328 years of the company’s history. Highly committed to her career working in the insurance sector for the likes of Prudential Assurance, General Electric and Zurich Insurance, since openly coming out as bisexual, she has been a pivotal figure in introducing LGBT support groups throughout the industry. At corporate events, Inga is able to share her first hand experiences on what make great inclusive leadership.

In recognition of her work in the insurance sector, Inga was appointed DBE and is one of the most influential figures in the field. Inga’s passion for inclusive leadership is revered throughout the world, so don’t miss your opportunity to learn about inclusive leadership with an exclusive talk from Inga Beale today.

Jo Salter

Jo Salter has cemented her name in history as Britain’s first ever female fast jet pilot and has become an inspiration to many young aspiring female pilots – proving that no matter your gender, if you have the passion, you can achieve anything. Having gained her wings in 1992, Jo has since forged a respectable career as an expert leader – now the Director of Global Transformative Leadership for PwC. Using the experience she gained in the RAF and in her role at PwC, Jo is also hired as a speaker to emphasise the importance of being an inclusive leader. She is now the director of Global Transformative Leadership for PWC and has a wealth of experience sharing her knowledge on inclusive leadership.

In recognition of her incredible achievements in aviation, Jo was appointed an MBE and is also a Trustee of The Royal Air Force Club. Jo Salter’s infectious personality and renowned experience in leadership, coupled with her experience in a male dominated profession makes her one of the top inclusive leadership speakers available to hire for events.

John Amaechi

The only British basketball player to be inducted into the US Basketball Hall of Fame, John Amaechi is no stranger to fighting for what he wants; having to work hard to be considered for professional basketball in the US and showing the determination needed to come back from a life-threatening career. As an organisational Psychologist, John’s expertise puts him in a perfect position to coach organisations on why inclusive leadership is so important, and how companies can use this to their advantage to create harmonious workplaces. As a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD, and Founder and CEO of APS Intelligence, John expertly uses anecdotes to turn complex research-based solutions into understandable insights.

Dedicating much of his time to continued learning, John is a Research Fellow at the University of East London where he researches effective and inclusive leadership. In recognition of the incredible work he has been carrying out, in 2020 John was named a Linked Top Voice. When wanting to future-proof your workplace and maximise productivity, consider hiring John Amaechi today as one of the most sought-after inclusive leadership speakers.

Scotty Mills

There are few people with incredible success in their field like Scotty Mills. After 32 years in the Royal Marines, Scotty reached the highest rank ever achieved by a black Officer – Commando ‘Green Beret’ Officer. Previously working roles such as the Logistical Planning Officer and Head of Physical Training, Performance and Sport for the Royal Marines, Scotty is renowned for his driven and strong mindset, and the ability to ensure unity and teamwork even when faced with immense pressure. Since leaving the army, Scotty has travelled all over the world to give keynote speeches on inclusive leadership, determination and high performance.

Proving his ability as a resilience coach with successes such as leading the 2003 England Rugby Team in their World Cup success and helping Gareth Southgate and the England Football Team during the 2018 World Cup, Scotty Mills is hired as an expert inclusive leadership speaker to generate cohesion within your team and therefore future success.

Adam Grant

Adam Grant is a leading authority on inclusive leadership, currently working as The Saul P. Steinberg Professor of Management and Psychology – recognised as Wharton’s top-rated professor. The Host of ‘WorkLife’ with Adam Grant and the author of ‘Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know’, Adam is hired as a speaker to share the importance of inclusive leadership from the perspective of an organisational psychologist. Having spoken for the likes of Google, the Gates Foundation and the NBA, Adam has over 29 million views on his TED talks and expertly details the importance of inclusive leadership for employee wellbeing. p>

With a stellar career to his name, Adam was honoured as a ‘Young Global Leader’ by the World Economic Forum and was recognised as one of the ‘World’s Ten Most Influential Business Thinkers’. Consider Adam Grant when looking for an inclusive leadership speaker with his unmatched ability to help audiences understand the importance of being an inclusive leader, backed by is credible experience as the former Professor of Organisational Behaviour at the University of North Carolina.

Silvia Garcia

Silvia Garcia has devoted her career to revolutionising workplace cultures through her expert knowledge of inclusive leadership. Formerly the Healthcare Marketing Manager of SCA Hygiene Products, Silvia then became Coca-Cola’s Global Director of Happiness, Marketing Communication, Innovation, Leadership, Futurism and Happiness. A world-wide famous brand, it was imperative Silvia ensured inclusive leadership was present throughout the company, having improved employee performance and achieved double digit growth during her time in senior management positions within for Coca-Cola.

Now the Founder and CEO of Feel Logic and Happiest Places to Work, Silvia is applying her knowledge of inclusive leadership to ensure she positively impacts all organisations that seek her help. Do not miss your chance apply the latest discoveries in neuroscience to improve your employee performance today.

Tessy Ojo

Tessy Ojo has years of experience delivering talks to organisations on inclusive leadership. She covers topics such as women in leadership and diversity, and has become a popular choice as a keynote speaker on these topics. Appearing on the likes of ITV’S Good Morning Britain, Tessy can advise organisations on how to ensure they create an atmosphere where everyone feels included. Tessy has previously worked as an analyst at IBM and Borders Books and Music before moving to work in the charity sector, she then began working with the Diana Awards and was promoted to CEO in 2012. She is also the chair of the #iwill Leadership Board from the Department for Culture Media Sport and served as a member of the UK Council for Child Internet Safety. Wanting to give a voice to all unseen women, Tessy is the founder of Tessy’s Brunches – a safe space where women can network and have mentoring opportunities.

The recipient of numerous prestigious awards including Inspiring Leader 2015, Women in Business Rising Star 2015 and the Excellence Award from Eva Longoria’s, Tessy Ojo is an exceptional choice when choosing a speaker on inclusive leadership, driven by her passion to foster and develop positive change in the lives of young people.

Susie Wolff

Susie Wolff has defied history in a male dominated industry, having become the first woman to compete in an F1 weekend since 1992. During her time as a racing driver, undeterred by being in the minority, Susie made her way up the ranks to earn her place in Formula 1. Since retiring, Susie has become a role model and advocate for women in motorsports, having created the Dare to Be Different initiative, been the Team Principal for Venturi Formula E and the Managing Director of the F1 Academy. As a speaker, Susie shares her tips for creating an environment where all minorities feel included, encouraging others to push past the societal norms as an inclusive leader.

All too aware of the challenges facing many people who want to enter an industry which has historically been dominated by men, Susie developed incredible mental resilience and self-belief to make it to the top of the sport. When looking to hire an inclusive leadership speaker, look no further than Susie Wolff who shares her personal perspective on why inclusive leadership is so important as a woman in a ‘man’s world’. p>

June Sarpong

Famously a former panellist on Loose Women, June Sarpong has been using her platform to promote inclusion and diversity, and warns of the dangers of discriminating. Upon leaving Loose Women in 2016, widely loved for her likeable and down-to-earth personality, June devoted much of her time to creating four books; all of which have been very influential and focus on three different inclusion topics: women, diversity and privilege. She also co-founded the WIE Network and is the former Director of Creative Diversity for the BBC , making her the first black woman to be in the organisations Executive committee.

Having been appointed MBE and OBE for her services to broadcasting and charity, June Sarpong is now booked all over the UK for her expertise in how to promote inclusive leadership, focussing on topics such as diversity and discrimination, June Sarpong is able to expertly tailor her speeches to her audience , backed by her experience in promoting creative diversity and inclusion.

Michelle King

Michelle King is a highly sought-after keynote speaker on inclusive leadership and has an extensive record of improving the workplace culture and gender equality within numerous organisations. Currently Michelle is the Founder and Managing Director of Equality Forward and has previously held multiple other notable positions such as HR and Corporate Affairs Manager for BHP Billiton, Senior Manager Development for Diversity and Employee Engagement UN Women, the Director of Inclusion for Netflix and Advisory Board Member of Girl Up for the United Nations Foundation.

A true advocate for diversity and inclusion within the workplace, Michelle King has been honoured with numerous awards including named a LinkedIn 2020 Top Voice for Equality and 2019 Inspiring Innovator Award from Women Tech Founders. Having delivered the TEDx Talk ‘It’s Not You, It’s Your Workplace’, hire Michelle King for a passionate and insightful speech on inclusive leadership, workplace culture and gender equality.

Ollie Ollerton

Ollie Ollerton is a revered inclusive leadership speaker who has gained fame for his incredible mental resilience, having pushed himself to the limit throughout his time in the military. As a trained PRISM practitioner, Ollie is an expert in assessing a team to provide the most engaging keynote speeches. Ollie stared his career with the Royal Marine Commandos and joined the Special Forces as a Combat Frogman , before later serving as a pilot of the Submersible Dive Vessel, a private security contractor and a Country Project Manager. Ollie started Break-Point alongside Jason Fox to teach people the value of teamwork rather than workplace competition.

With inclusion and acceptance being the key to creating a cohesive team, Ollie uses his experience in life-or-death situations and his knowledge as a trained PRISM practitioner to advise organisations on how they too can create a culture of teamwork through inclusive leadership. Don’t miss the opportunity to hire Ollie Ollerton as an inclusive leadership expert today!

Makaziwe Mandela

Makaziwe Mandela is the daughter of the famous Nelson Mandela, and is following in her father’s footsteps as a passionate female empowerment activist. Makaziwe has previously held senior positions at the Development Bank of South Africa as the General Manager of Human Resources for Spoornet. Currently she is head of the Industrial Development Group and is highly regarded as a speaker, educating corporations on how to ensure inclusive leadership to empower all the women throughout your company.

In recognition of her commitment to social justice, Makaziwe was awarded the Fulbright Distinguished Fellowship Award from the University of Massachusetts. Makaziwe Mandela’s speeches on female empowerment rights and leadership will change your views on leadership forever, well and truly emphasising the importance of practising inclusive leadership.

Michelle Visage

One of the most famous media personalities, Michelle Visage Shares her experience as a passionate LGBT+ ally and prominent figure of the LGBT+ entertainment industry to inspire strategies for inclusive leadership in the workplace. Originally entering the entertainment industry as a singer, Michelle has risen to fame as a judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race and is now the Executive Producer, which saw her awarded the Primetime Emmy Award 2019 and 2020 for Outstanding Competition Programme. Her infectious personality is highly sought after globally, which has seen Michelle work for the European Song Contest and Ireland’s Got Talent.

Having claimed the 2020 Ally Award from the Attitude Awards, Michelle Visage is now hired as a speaker wonderfully equipped to ensure widespread acceptance and inclusion throughout workplaces.

Stella Rimington

As the first women ever to become the Director-General of MI5, Stella Rimington possesses all the expertise you need to ensure inclusive leadership throughout your company, ensuring an atmosphere where no one is discriminated against, no matter your gender, identity or beliefs. Prior to her ground-breaking role within the MI5 which saw a transformation in the relationship the company has with the public, she held positions in all three branches of the Security Service and has worked as the non-Executive Director for several companies. Many businesses have benefitted from Stella’s revolutionary approach to leadership and strategy.

In 1996 she was appointed Dame Commander of the Order of Bath which cemented her name in history. Now, Stella is one of the most respected inclusive leadership speakers in the United Kingdom And her talks are an asset to any corporate client looking to promote inclusive leadership.

How do I hire an Inclusive Leadership Speaker?

If you are interested in hiring an inclusive leadership speaker, contact Champions Speakers today! We are fortunate enough to work with the world’s leading experts on inclusive leadership who are only a phone call away with one of our dedicated booking agents. To hire an inclusive leadership speaker, browse our roster of speakers, and then contact a booking agent on 0207 1010 553 or by completing our online contact form.

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